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James Robert

A Chester-based pharmacy recruitment agency has seen 400% growth in the past 12 months, predicting an equivalent increase for 2022.

Quad Recruitment, based at Chester Business Park, works in the pharmaceutical industry, placing pharmacy professionals in the UK and USA.

In 2021 alone, the agency won contracts with several UK pharmacy brands, giving them the opportunity to find top pharmacy talent for their vacancies.

Quad Recruitment has a team of consultants who advise their clients who have seen a change in the structure of their processes and results.

With 2022 now in play, the agency predicted a corresponding 400% increase in revenue over last year. This is due to the even higher demand for the pharmacy industry and its ever-growing presence in the United States.

James Roberts, Managing Director, said: “Recruiting has had some of its toughest times throughout the pandemic and has required us to change a lot of the way we do business, but as an agency Pharmacy recruiting, demand was high and we capitalized heavily on that.

“Since opening our doors in June 2015, the business has gone through endless change. Last year was no different for Quad Recruitment which worked for the best, 2020 vs 2021 saw an increase in revenue of over 400%.

“It all depends on strategic planning, internal recruitment and training. We only focus on the pharmaceutical industry and that works perfectly in our favour. »

Looking ahead, he added: “We are now in 2022 and we have the strongest team yet and an ever-expanding portfolio of world-class clients in amazing locations around the world. Here’s another extraordinary year.”

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