PSA data measures the hiring of employment agencies in PHL


More than half, or 54.7%, of companies employ workers through agencies, according to the Statistics Authority of the Philippines (PSA).

Based on the Integrated Labor and Employment Survey 2015/2016, around 17,094 out of the country’s 31,277 companies use service agreements and do not include these workers in their total employment. establishment.

“Workers employed by subcontractors to perform or complete a job, job or service under a service agreement on the premises of the establishment,” PSA said.

Workers hired by agencies refers to workers hired through contractors. They are excluded from the company’s total employment.

PSA data showed that approximately 691,341 employees, or 13.6% of the 5.076 million workers employed in June 2016, were agency workers.

In terms of industries, the highest number of workers hired by agency (311,722), or 45.1% of the total workers hired by agency reported in 2016, were employed in the manufacturing sector.

“This means that about two in five agency workers were engaged in manufacturing activities,” PSA said.

The wholesale and retail trade industry ranked second with 93,867, or 13.6 percent of total workers hired by agencies.

Many workers hired by agencies were employed in transportation and warehousing at 5.6%, or 38,511 companies; accommodation and catering activities, 5.5%, or 38,148 businesses; and administrative and support service activities, 4.6 percent, or 32,027 enterprises.

However, the presence of agency workers was less visible in the repair of computers and personal and household goods, and other personal service activities with only 1,078 companies employing agency workers.

Other industries with a low number of agency workers were water supply, sanitation, waste management and sanitation activities in 1,843 businesses and arts, entertainment and recreation in 7,171 businesses.

The PSA said the total share of agency workers employed in these industries was only less than one percent.

ISLE is a national sample survey covering agricultural and non-agricultural establishments with 20 or more workers. The survey reference month is June of the survey year. The last ISLE 2015/2016 survey covered 12,926 establishments.

This issue presents statistics on the extent to which companies or establishments in all industry groups are using agency workers to increase their workforce and the types of jobs / services contracted by companies to agencies. labor.

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