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Rental giant launches proptech pre-rental portal for agents


Tenant listing giant Let Alliance has launched a multi-million pound hefty platform that makes it easier for rental agents to manage the tenant onboarding process, including pre-letting, listing and listing. electronic signature of rental contracts.

Its new Vision + portal brings together these and all of Let Alliance’s other proptech services, including same day listing, rental guarantee insurance, homeowners insurance, zero deposits, utilities and CMP on a single platform to enable agents to streamline the onboarding of their tenants.

HomeLet and Let Alliance CEO Andy Halstead (pictured above) said: “As a customer-centric company, our absolute goal is to provide exceptional service.

“We know that the best experience for our clients must combine the extraordinary expertise of our team with innovative technology, which makes life easier for our clients and brings added value to their proposition.

Stimulate innovation

“The launch of the Vision + platform is part of an important work program that will improve the technology that supports all of our services, fostering innovation for all of our operational brands. “

Halstead says the platform will help agents save time, improve their user experience, and reduce their compliance burden, all on the same platform as its other products and services.

But Let Alliance is keen not to present this innovation as “digitization” or the automation of agent pre-rental activities.

“We know that fully automating services like relocation and tenant referrals would fundamentally result in poor service for our customers,” says Halstead.

Vision + is now available to rental agents across the UK.

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