Rising trend in Covid-19 cases raises alarm bells

The head of health noted that there is a rule according to which since December 15 “person who does not have the two doses can not enter a closed public place”. | Photo: Andean Agency

health Minister Hernando CefalosNote that in the last three weeks There is an increasing trend in cases COVID-19[female[feminineWhat raises some concerns is why he called on citizens to take care of themselves and get vaccinated.

There is a slight to moderate increase by province and region in coronavirus cases. It is not considered a volume of a third wave, But it generates the alarm on health problems. We take all the expectations that we canHe said about the political agenda program on the N channel.

He noted that before that he was Ministry of Health Epidemiological barriers will emerge, swept away by mass vaccination and molecular tests.

It is a tendency (ascending) localized in these departments. Suddenly it goes down and then back up, but with an upward trend. In some departments we have a 30% increase in the number of cases. This generates an alarm for us. It’s been almost three weeks and we live with these bouts of excess“he added.

He explained that this increase is due to the delta variant, which is 8 or 9 times more contagious than its predecessors, so the increase in cases was expected.

In addition, he noted that the majority of patients who come to intensive care are very old and have some type of comorbidity or Unvaccinated patients.

Compulsory vaccination record

Hernando Cefalos He also stressed the importance of vaccination to deal with the third wave since then, despite this process moving very quickly, There is a good percentage who do not yet get all of their full doses.

We have noticed that in the last two weeks there are areas that are not preparing for vaccination and this is worrying“, She said.

Faced with the advent of the end of the year holidays, which can lead to a greater number of infections due to the increased influx of people into the streets, the Minister of Health indicated that there is a rule that stipulates that from December 15 “A person who does not have both doses cannot enter an enclosed public place

He felt that this rule could not be questioned, because COVID-19 has claimed thousands of lives in Peru.

On this topic, I think we should all join forces. AndThis is not enough to debate whether they “restrict my freedom” In a society which a few months ago experienced more than 100,000 deaths (…). Do not doubt the need for vaccination, she expressed

He stressed that the government does not tell citizens that they have to be vaccinated because it is their right, but said that what these people do not have the right to is “to sit down. next to the person getting the vaccine, who should take care of him. “himself and doesn’t want to be caught. Additionally, he noted that by not vaccinating them, when they get sick, they can take a hospital bed to other people who also need this care.

vaccination card

From December 15, all people must be vaccinated and show their vaccination record to enter closed environments, such as supermarkets and shopping malls. Thus, all Peruvians must issue this document by default or carry it physically with them.

But what happens if my vaccines are not registered on the portal of the Ministry of Health (Mensa)? Or if only my first dose and not the second is displayed? Here, in 6 steps, we explain how to record your vaccinations yourself.

1. Enter the page https://gis.minsa.gob.pe/CarneVacunacion/. You must put your date of birth, your identity and the date of issue of your identity document. The portal is accessible from a computer, mobile phone or any other device connected to the Internet.

2. Upon entering you will get a history of all your regulated vaccinations. If you don’t see it in the system, or if you only see one of your saved doses (even if you received both vaccines), click “Application for registration of the Covid-19 vaccine”.

3. This will show you another sale where you need to fill in all the required information. Remember: all fields are required. After that you will need to scan a file physical vaccination record And download it in the “download file” option. Then select “Register” then “Accept”.

4. If you see that neither your first nor your second dose is recorded, do not put the “All” option in the “Dose” box.. Just record the second dose, as the map image I attached will update the information for both spaces.

Reminder: the system only allows you to register one application per person.

5. After saving the dose, a floating message will appear with the order number. Click on “OK”.

6. At first, the request will appear as “pending”; But in five or more days your vaccine will be updated.

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