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School principals race against time to apply the KCSE directive


School leaders are rushing to register KCPE / KCSE candidates before the July 31 deadline.

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) reminded school leaders to meet the deadline and register students on the agency’s portal.

KNEC asked directors to ensure they enter the correct details of applicants who take the national exams in March 2022.

“All heads of institution must guarantee the correctness of the order of the names of the candidates according to the birth certificate, the sex, the year of birth, the subjects entered and the information on the different categories of candidates having special needs such as braille, the visually impaired, the deaf, “KNEC said.

File image of KCSE students taking an exam


He further warned school leaders that he would not tolerate late enrollment of students, as institutions had sufficient time before the deadline.

On July 3, the board made changes to the KCPE / KCSE requirements and allowed schools to register up to 30 students, 10 fewer than the 40 students KNEC had previously supervised.

KNEC CEO Mercy Karogo had ordered that in the event of a deficit, the institutions concerned should enroll students in neighboring schools.

Private and public schools opposed the order and urged the board to reduce its stance.

“It has been brought to our attention and we have noticed that the KNEC has issued a circular under the direction of the Ministry of Education ordering that private and public schools with less than 40 candidates be accommodated by an examination center with more 40 applicants during KCPE 2021. and KCSE exams scheduled for March / April 2021, ”Kenya Private Schools Association (KPSA) said in protest.

The association warned that 3,800 schools would be locked out by the directive.

“After consultation with KPSA under the leadership of the Ministry of Education, there will be no registration of new examination centers with less than 30 applicants for public and private schools,” Karogo said in a letter to to stakeholders.


KNEC CEO Mercy Karogo at an education forum in 2020


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