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It’s finally starting to look more like summer outside, and that means seasonal businesses are getting ready to open their doors. But with an already tight job market, companies are scrambling to fill positions.

It takes 130 to 160 employees at Splash Cove to keep operations running smoothly all summer.

“Right now we’re around 120, so we’re really getting closer. Obviously the more staff, the less stressed everyone is, so we’re hoping to fill those last few spots,” said Tracy Hewitt, aquatics supervisor for Splash. Cove, told WAND News.

Hewitt began hiring in February to ensure slots are filled before Memorial Day weekend.

“A lot of students have gone to college and are trying to come back and have a job ready for them. So it’s a challenge to be able to meet everyone because they’re hours away. On top of that , all high school students, they graduate and play sports and things like that,” Hewitt said.

Hewitt also competes with dozens of other Decatur companies looking to fill vacancies.

“Our workforce is tight. So we’ve had people who have needed to fill their workforce for some time. And now we’re on the summer months, and now we have seasonal jobs as well,” said said Mirinda Rothrock, president of Decatur. Regional Chamber of Commerce, WAND News said.

With more than 1,800 job openings in Decatur and Macon County, Rothrock said employers need to work to differentiate themselves from potential workers.

“It’s about positioning your company as a great place to work. Your benefits, your culture — those are the types of things that really sell and determine whether they want to come and work for you,” Rothrock said.

Hewitt said that with flexible hours and a family atmosphere, Splash Cove hopes to attract more applicants before opening day.

“If you’re still looking to become a lifeguard, I’d like you to come talk to me, give me a call. We’re going to be in the thick of it training and preparing people over the next two weeks,” Hewitt says.

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