Shocking New Fuuto PI Reveal Teases Bigger Role For Tokime

The following contains spoilers for Episode 10 of Fuuto PI, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

With the first season of Fuuto PI ending in a few weeks, new viewers and original content Kamen Rider fans can expect a hard-hitting finale that answers many of the series’ most burning questions. Every Dope Kamen Rider W has faced so far has hinted at Yukiji Bando’s plans for High Dopes and Shadow Fuuto to simmer in the background.

Although Shotaro and Philip haven’t been to Shadow Fuuto since the first arc, they find themselves in this grim town again in Episode 10. After coming face to face with Yukiji Bando and his band of High Dopes at At the end of the last episode, the Narumi Detective Agency is drawn into a case with apparent ties to Shadow Fuuto. Shotaro and Tokime investigate the cause of a grandfather’s disappearance only for Tokime to be pulled through a portal to Shadow Fuuto, where she finds herself in a dark and familiar town filled with dope.

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Yukiji Bando has plans for Tokime

It is apparent from the shocking conversation in the first scene between Shotaro and Tokime that Episode 10 revolves around the unanswered questions about Tokime’s identity and role in Fuuto PI. The episode opens with the two discussing the memory Tokime carried when they first met. According to the conversation, Philip had apparently analyzed the Memory, finding that it was actually the Joker Memory, the same Memory that Shotaro often uses when transforming into Kamen Rider F.

However, because Memory does not work, this discovery raises even more questions. Episode 10 doesn’t explore this reveal any further, but it’s safe to assume that viewers could see Tokime transform into the Dope Joker by the end of the series or in a possible second season. Given that the memory is shattered, a Dope Joker transformation isn’t entirely certain – but given how much attention Tokime has in possession of the memory, fans can expect it to be. important for the final arc of the season.

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The focus remains on Tokime throughout the episode. As she and Shotaro work on their current case, Tokime comes across a map at the end of an alley, sending him through a portal to Shadow Fuuto. While it’s easy to assume this was a practical error, Yukiji’s presence during the incident indicates that he was the one who set the trap for him. He has expressed interest in her throughout the series and finally makes his move to lure her into his plans.

It’s still unclear what his intentions are with her – or if there’s a deeper connection between the two – but episode 10 shows that Yukiji wants Tokime in Shadow Fuuto, even though the Dope Brachiosaurus stops him from trying to. escape. With his possession of a Joker Memory and his uncertain connection to Yukiji, Tokime proves to be much more of an integral part of the plot than just an outlet for fan service.

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In Shadow Fuuto for the Season 1 Final Arc

Tokime isn’t the only one who stumbles upon Shadow Fuuto in Episode 10. With Narumi and Tokime’s detective agency client stuck in Shadow Fuuto, Kamen Rider W and Accel jump through the portal after Tokime and the Brachiosaurus, landing them once again in the dope-infested Alternate City. Noting the massive tower that he and Shotaro did not see on their previous visit, Philip states that they must be close to the heart of the city. However, Kamen Rider W and Accel don’t have time for sightseeing, as they are approached by the person of interest in their case.

This tall, muscular man seems like the perfect candidate to be the owner of Dope Brachiosaurus. To the surprise of viewers and masked heroes alike, he transforms into a much more nuclear adversary: ​​the Reactor Dope. Mamoru Nikaido explains that although he is not yet an executive and does not have a memory pilot, he is second in line and has Bando’s trust. After Nikaido’s explosive transformation, Kamen Rider W and Accel discover that no matter their attack, the Reactor Dopant is impervious, even resisting their two Maximum Drives. He is perhaps the strongest dope they have faced so far, posing a serious threat as Fuuto PI enters the final arc of his season.

With only two episodes left in the season, Kamen Rider W and Accel will have to find a way to quickly defeat the Dope Reactor in order to save Tokime from the Dope Brachiosaurus and get to the bottom of Yukiji Bando’s plans. Although the series has yet to be renewed for a second season, fans can expect a lot of exciting action as this season comes to an end over the next few episodes.

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