State police hire company for $1.5 million to clean up agency

BATON ROUGE — State Police announced late Friday that they have completed a nationwide search and contracted The Bowman Group to conduct a review of its policies, procedures and culture.

This comes after more than a year and a half of stories where the state police have been criticized for concealment, lies and concealment of evidence related to cases they were working on. One in particular is still outstanding regarding the death of Ronald Greene.

The consultancy services will be conducted through May 2023 at a cost of $1.5 million split between this fiscal year and next fiscal year.

The group studies the agency’s operational processes and practices. The state police hope this will lead to improvements in operations, training and administration.

State Police said the Bowman Group will conduct a top-down assessment and provide recommendations and information to share with staff and the public.

The consulting team will provide a detailed law enforcement organizational assessment to cover
key operational and organizational areas to include:
• Community policing/commitment and civil complaints
• Assessment of the Agency’s use of force policies, procedures and protocols
• Crisis intervention (de-escalation)
• Fair and impartial police practices (stops, searches, arrests)
• Organizational culture, leadership and professional development
• Recruitment, hiring, promotion and retention
• Officer welfare and employee assistance and early intervention systems
• Training and academy operations
• Technology, data collection and resources

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