StreetCred PR Appoints Emma Smith to Leadership Team as Executive Vice President

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Financial services-focused agency grew to 14 team members and 33 retained client relationships; continues to grow and is actively recruiting at all levels

StreetCred CommunicationsLLC, (“StreetCred”), a strategic communications agency dedicated solely to providing the highest caliber of public relations work to the financial services industry, today announced that public relations professional Emma Smith joined the team as Executive Vice President. Smith’s appointment comes shortly after the agency celebrated two years in business.

Prior to joining StreetCred, Smith was Director of Communications at sustainability-focused asset manager Ethic, guiding the company through a number of high profile communications efforts. Previously, she spent several years as a public relations consultant for Ethic and other players in the financial services industry, providing advice and coverage for clients in the private equity, real estate, mortgages and regulatory technologies.

StreetCred offers its clients a combination of the following services, depending on their specific needs: consistent opportunities to engage with the media through a combination of proven tactics; experienced communications advisor; ongoing ideation and trend detection; industry connections and networking; analysis of media coverage and coaching; regular reporting and accountability; and gathering industry intelligence.

“Having worked with Jason at a previous agency, I got first-hand view of his exemplary client service and thoughtful approach to media relations,” Smith said. “It was this experience and my confidence in his vision that informed my decision to return to agency life. Jason and Jimmy have built a team like no other, and I look forward to working alongside them to continue to deliver on our commitment to customers. »

Some of StreetCred’s valued clients include Integrated Partners, F2 Strategy, Riskalyze, Absolute Engagement, Elements, Entrustody, GeoWealth, Lumiant, RetireOne, Ritholtz Wealth Management, Seeds Investor, Skience, Taiber Kosmala & Associates, tru Independence, Savvy Wealth, Bento Engine , Manhattan West, Cambridge Savings Bank, Advisor Circle, Redtail Technology, CION Investments, Journey Strategic Wealth and others.

“We pride ourselves here on exceeding our clients’ expectations of how public relations can play a key role in growing their businesses,” said Jimmy Moock, Managing Partner. “Those who know me know I wouldn’t say this lightly, but in my career I’ve never worked with a more committed, collaborative, talented and fun-loving group of PR professionals at every level. We’re obsessed with our clients, our continued development as PR practitioners and being the best of the best – and we’re still in the early innings.

StreetCred is now home to three PR teams consisting of the following members: Lexie Brazil, Joey Cahue, Peter Czyryca, Lisa D’Angelo, Hannah Dixon, Kendra Galante, Elena Krasnow, Jason Lahita, Meaghan McNichol, Jimmy Moock, William Ruben, Emma Smith , Tommy Warburton and Allie Zendrian.

The agency serves financial services companies as a trusted, fully engaged, process-oriented communications partner that delivers meaningful and measurable results. Tactical PR services include:

  • development of positioning and messaging;

  • media training;

  • proactive media communication and relationship management;

  • press release campaigns;

  • developing and placing articles online;

  • social media advice and support;

  • bi-weekly campaign review and analysis.

“We have big plans and are actively looking to hire teammates who enjoy PR and playing for a team that always has their backs, as well as our customers,” said Jason Lahita, founding partner. “We are an agency that keeps its promises and takes personal responsibility for the representation of our clients in the public domain. They’re a special group, dare we say an elite – and we aim to prove it every day.

Inquiries about this announcement or about joining our team can be directed to: [email protected]. To learn more about StreetCred, please visit our website.

About StreetCred Communications, LLC

StreetCred is a public relations agency with a strong focus on the financial services industry. We help our clients increase and market their credibility while differentiating themselves through strategic communication activities, leading to strong media profiles. Our approach to public relations is to completely sync with our clients, operating as an extension of their brand and team. We invest in our craft because we love it – and we love working with each other. This highly personal and fully committed team approach to customer service is atypical of most agencies, which most often treat their customers like numbers and keep them at arm’s length. StreetCred maintains a talented financial public relations presence in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Omaha, Dallas, Boston, Chicago and Oregon in the Americas. Public relations is a contact sport – up your game by adding our talents to your team. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter: @StreetCred_PR or LinkedIn: StreetCred PR

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