SWFL Law Enforcement Agencies Stay Ahead of Possible Agent Shortages



The police are looking for people to come and work with them. The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office is even hosting a job fair on Thursday. How are agencies in Southwest Florida seeing an agent shortage?

Some places, like Washington or Chicago, are experiencing marked shortages, and a handful of police departments offer big incentives to replace staff that they therefore don’t have. There are several reasons for the shortages: Baby boomers are retiring, the job is perceived as dangerous by potential recruits, and it doesn’t always pay particularly well. But WINK News agencies contacted in southwest Florida gave mixed responses.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said it launched a campaign between June and October that drew a number of candidates. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is actively recruiting and seeking to fill 34 law enforcement positions. The Cape Coral Police Department, on the other hand, has had no difficulty staying full, saying it currently has a pool of more than 100 applicants.

“We are doing really well,” said the master corporal. Phil Mullen with CCPD. “The number of officers allocated to us is actually pretty much full, and maybe for the first time in many years. We always have some time off due to retirement or attrition, and then we have to replace those few, but we may be fully booked right now. “

Some cited vaccination warrants as another reason for agent shortages, with some leaving the industry because of them. Gov. Ron DeSantis has said he wants these people to travel to Florida, offering a $ 5,000 cash incentive for law enforcement to relocate.

“We provide protections for people,” DeSantis said. “No nurse, no firefighter, no police, no truck driver, no one should lose their job because of these COVIDs[-19] jabs.

DCSO’s hiring event runs from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at its head office at 208 East Cypress St. in Arcadia. It recruits a number of positions, from 911 assistants and telecommunications to IT support specialists. If you go, you can have your application reviewed and your interview the same day.

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