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Texas’ first hijabi model is from Dallas


EAmerican gypsy model Cady Elredy is wasting no time. The 24-year-old Dallas native already holds a master’s degree in science and oriental medicine, worked as a licensed acupuncturist, got married, had a daughter, divorced last year and is now emerging in the modeling industry as Texas’ first hijab. model wearing.

After returning from Chicago to Dallas during the pandemic, Elredy had to make adjustments. She landed a job as a nursing assistant at Parkland Hospital, working night shifts while looking after her 2 year old child.

“People are guessing about me because I was 23 when I got divorced,” she says. “I have been through so much and there is a lot of trauma there. But now I’m focusing on what I can do to give my daughter the best life she deserves.

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At a skinny 5ft 10, with bright green eyes and a pointed nose and eyebrows, Elredy is gracefully gorgeous. When strangers told her to become a model, Elredy laughed, but her ex-husband encouraged her. She first applied to agencies in Chicago, where a leading company rejected her, saying she needed more experience. Once in Dallas, she tried her luck again. She knew some Muslim bloggers in Texas who wore the hijab, but no professional models. In September, Elredy’s determination found her a home at the Kim Dawson agency, the company of her dreams.

Elredy says Fred Holston, the agency’s creative director at the time, put her at ease during the interview process. He asked her what her religious limits were and in what clothes and settings she felt comfortable shooting. “I felt really positive about it,” she says. “Not many people ask you that, you know. They respected my religion.

Three days after Elredy signed with the agency, her favorite model, Halima Aden, who also wears a hijab, quit modeling because she said it hampered her relationship with her faith. But Elredy chose to keep the momentum going. ” I do not know her ; I don’t know what she went through with her agency, ”she said. “Everyone has a different experience and perspective, especially with faith. There are the rules of religion, but it is also a very individual journey. I think she may have experienced situations where she felt uncomfortable.

Elredy says clients respected her limits. There was the stylist who skillfully matched the patterns and colors to her hijab, and the inclusion of a hijabi makeup artist on set.

She recently did a photoshoot for Kat Von D’s KVD Beauty makeup campaign, and photos of her are now plastered next to a Sephora store in a Dubai mall. But she finds it difficult to land shoots in Dallas. Elredy thinks the city teases diversity but rarely acts on it.

As she builds her portfolio, she prioritizes mental health and her daughter. “I want people to know how my daily goal in life is to work hard and be successful, not for wealth or fame,” she says. “I’m just a person trying to take care of my daughter, whether it’s modeling or whatever.”

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