The new “free” offer aims to repair “broken doors”…

A co-founder of new free portal Jangle explained how the new venture aims to disrupt the real estate listing market.

Prime estate agent Jeremy Rosenblatt has teamed up with former luxury car dealer and event organizer Danny Jay to launch a new portal aimed at supporting agents unhappy with the current listing model.

Rosenblatt, who runs London-based boutique agency Vantage Residential, said he didn’t mean to ‘disparage other portals’ but said there needed to be a fairer way for agents to survive and receive rewards. ask for information.

The new portal, called Jangle, will not charge agents for listings and there will be an API that automatically uploads their properties.

Addressed exclusively to real estate agent todayRosenblatt, a former director of Dexters and Hanover Residentital, said Jangle would make money from paid and unobtrusive banner ads.

There are also external investments in the company.

The portal is still in the launch phase and he said the first step is to onboard London agents.

Rosenblatt said: “There are around 7,000 agents in London, we think if we can get the big names on board everyone else will follow.

“We have had various discussions with leading agents in and around London who have been interested in our offer.

“There will be further discussions as things progress for Jangle.”

Agents can currently register their interest on the Jangle website, where a video explains that there is widespread dissatisfaction with the costs charged by the big portals and suggests that there is an appetite for what the terms commercial “portal zero spend”.

There will also be a public launch campaign to attract consumers.

Rosenblatt said, “We have our own ideas about why some portals didn’t work and why some are largely outdated.

“Advertising strategies have been wrong, they focus too much on TV ads and spend millions every year as the world has moved on.

“He digitized himself.

“That’s what we’re going to use.

“Our ultimate goal is for all agents to list all of their properties on Jangle, so consumers won’t need to go anywhere else.”

He said he will be the first to add his properties to Jangle once it officially launches to the public.

There’s no official launch date, and Rosenblatt said it depends on how long it takes to onboard agents.

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