The Scott County Sheriff’s Office wants to hire more deputies. County supervisor says county may be spending too much time working in Davenport | Local crime and courts


“Last summer, we brought in people from across the state to help with some of this, and I will always continue to do that. The Davenport Police Department does the job that we ask them to do, and I am very proud of this department,” Matson said.

Use additional funds

Roth and Schmidt made the request, based on a staffing study completed in 2019, when the county asked an outside agency to examine how the sheriff’s office could operate more efficiently.

The study recommended that the sheriff’s office have at least 58 sworn deputies, and Roth said it now has 52. The requested five patrol deputies and one patrol lieutenant would bring the department to the recommended number. Having 58 patrol officers would increase the minimum patrol staff from three to four and add an extra patrol beat so that individual deputies would not have to cover such a large area during their shifts.

“We’ve made significant progress to get to where we think we need to be,” Roth said.

Roth said it would take some time for all the positions to be filled, if allowed, but they would likely be hired around this time next year.

The department currently has a list of available candidates with five names on it, Roth said, so if they all accepted a job offer, the sheriff’s office would recruit to find one more person. New recruits go to law enforcement academy, which won’t start until August or September, then spend another four months training before hitting the streets. While at the academy and during training, deputies would be on the county payroll, but would only contribute to the force after completing training.

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