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Here are some tips for fans when St. Bonaventure’s 2022-23 men’s basketball season opens next November… grab a schedule.

It’s a guarantee that you’ll be wondering, “Who are these guys?”

A combination of the extra year of eligibility granted by the NCAA in light of the Covid pandemic, significantly relaxed transfer rules and the havoc created by the new Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) protocol has left rosters colleges across the country in disarray.

And the Bonnies are a prime example.

It’s entirely possible that 10 of the 11 scholarship players who dressed last season won’t return.

Clearly, significant turnover was to be expected as coach Mark Schmidt opted for an “Ironman Five” consisting of seniors Kyle Lofton, Dominick Welch, Jalen Adaway and Jaren Holmes, who each average at least 38 minutes per game and Osun Osunniyi 31.

However, the Covid warning has many Bona fans fantasizing that some or all will return next season.

But Adaway, who turns 24 in July, announced a few weeks ago that he would be turning pro… somewhere.

Since then, Holmes has joined the NCAA transfer portal and Lofton, Welch and Osunniyi have done the same, but will also explore the NBA draft process.

But last season’s top replacements also appear to be leaving as center Abdoul Karim Coulibaly has already committed to UMass-Lowell, while guards Quadry Adams and Linton Brown have also entered the portal.

Then, lower on the bench, guards Joryam Saizonou (who signed up to UNC-Greensboro on Wednesday) and Oluswasegun Durosinmi also asked to be traded.

THUS, THE The only guaranteed return from last season is second-year guard Justin Ndjock-Tadjore as well as redshirt freshmen Brett Rumpel and Anouar Mellouk, who were inactive in 2021-22.

They will be joined by transfers Daryl Banks (Saint Peter’s), Kyrell Luc (Holy Cross) and Moses Flowers (Hartford), as well as Bona’s only rookie, Barry Evans, signed last fall.

So knowing that Adaway is gone for good and the other four seniors are unlikely to return, Bona has seven scholarship players for next season with six spots still available.

BUT WHAT makes it so unlikely that Bona’s six portal players — with Coulibaly, Holmes (Iowa State) and Saizonou already committed — will return is the siren song of the NIL.

Alabama football coach Nick Saban calls the policy “legal player buying.”

And that’s absolutely correct.

The NIL is a product of the NCAA’s loss of a class action lawsuit in which it was decided that college athletes, whom the organization had always referred to as “amateurs”, had the right to profit from their names, images and similarities.

And while Congress will eventually create legislation that will establish consistent safeguards on NIL, the NCAA’s current loose parameters have produced an atmosphere that aggravated coaches have called the “Wild West,” where Portal players can go. To the best offer.

Obviously, schools cannot pay players directly, but they can enter into NIL agreements with companies or organizations for marketing or promotional purposes where money can be earned through autographs, product endorsements , social media posts, etc. tobacco, alcohol or gambling.

NIL offers are not supposed to be used for recruitment purposes, but there is no indication that the rule is being followed, which is why some 1,500 players have entered the transfer portal.

Obviously, only the most talented players will see substantial benefits from NIL, but it is also evident that even though the current rules are so flexible, many average athletes are being teased on the portal with the possibility of making easy money, this scenario is not likely. .

But there is also the law of unintended consequences.

As with professional sports, where free agency has players constantly on the move, fans feel they are looking for uniforms rather than players they often don’t see enough to get to know.

It would be a tragedy if that happened in college sports…but sadly, that seems to be the current path.

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