What is Ryan Poles’ drafting philosophy?

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I haven’t heard much about Ryan Poles’ drafting philosophy. Ryan Pace had his best player available attitude, but he hit a number of players who fell short. We all know that. Do you have anything more specific about the strategy of the Poles?
Brian M.
Sacramento, California

Yeah, I asked Bears general manager Ryan Poles about his draft strategy earlier this month at the NFL Combine, specifically his philosophy on picking the best player available versus satisfying a need. . Here’s what he had to say: “Usually you want to stick with the best available. I think that’s how you capture the best on the board. And then if it’s all evenly matched between four guys and one is in a position where you need it and it’s a premium position, so you’ll adapt to that, but you really should have the mindset of the best available.

Will the Bears receive a compensatory draft pick for hiring Ryan Poles? I thought teams that hired a minority GM or head coach had a choice for that. Will it come next year?
Troy P.
Waterfall, Iowa

Amendment added to collective bargaining agreement in 2020 to help promote diversity across the NFL gives compensatory draft picks to teams that have had a minority employee hired as general manager or head coach by another club. So when it comes to Ryan Poles, the Chiefs get the compensatory pick, not the Bears.

I see the Bears continuing to add more players to the roster by signing veteran free agents. Is there a limit on the number of players teams can have in Voluntary Practices, Minicamp, or Training Camp?
Alain M.
Evans, Georgia

Prior to mandatory cutback deadlines in the weeks leading up to the regular season, NFL teams are allowed to have a maximum of 90 players on their rosters.

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