Why the Raiders GM hiring process was the right decision

The Las Vegas Raiders are taking their time hiring a new general manager, and it’s been the right move so far.

On January 17, 2022, the Raiders fired outgoing general manager and former sportscaster Mike Mayock after three seasons on the job, and it was a sign of a change in mindset. The Raiders are now looking for their third general manager since owner Mark Davis took over from his late father in 2011.

Davis’ hiring practices have come under fire for the past decade, but this time it looks like he’s taking the right approach.

When David hired former Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie, it was almost immediately after the end of the 2011 regular season. McKenzie then took 19 days to hire Dennis Allen as head coach.

However, Davis was not a fan of Allen, which ultimately led to his firing in the third year, and McKenzie’s downplayed role in hiring Jack Del Rio, which was also a particularly quick as Del Rio impressed Davis with his knowledge of the Raiders’ roster. .

At the time, Del Rio was the defensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos, so it makes sense he knew the Raiders’ roster and Davis may have just been an inexperienced interviewer. When Jon Gruden was hired, it was also a very quick and probably unethical process, much like hiring Mayock.

Raiders take their time hiring a general manager

With Davis now in the hunt for his third general manager and fifth or sixth head coach (depending on Rich Bisaccia’s status), it seems Davis is patient and thorough. He clearly wants to hire the right people to propel the Raiders into a consistent winner after this season’s playoff berth and to do that, he’s exploring all avenues.

Las Vegas is on day 12 of their offseason and day 10 of their GM search. The team is known to have interested or interviewed eight candidates for their opening. While the last opening remained in the NFL, the team would be wise to continue to be thorough and recruit well.

The favorite among Raider fans has been Ed Dodds, the vice president of player personnel with the Colts. Dodds notably declined further interviews and was quite specific about the situation he is seeking to join. Reports indicate that Dodds interviewed the team on January 26 and that his past ties to the team are likely to be very attractive to the Raiders.

The team also interviewed candidates such as David Ziegler, Trey Brown, Champ Kelly, Ruston Webster and Brandon Hunt, while also looking at John Spytek and Dwayne Joseph. However, it wouldn’t be shocking if the Raiders widened their search to more prominent candidates such as Adam Peters or Elliot Wolf.

Wolf should specifically catch Davis’ attention because of his father’s tenure in Oakland.

No matter where the research takes them, doing your due diligence is the right decision. The Raiders should also wait to hire a coach until the new general manager is lined up for the hire. The last thing the franchise needs is another marriage between head coach and general manager. As the search continues, this is a pivotal moment that will likely decide the future of the Raiders for the next 5-7 years.

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