Work Talk Podcast: The Big Shake Up – Will I Hire a Job Hopper?

The job gap is on the rise, so is it time to change attitudes towards workers with work histories?

ST reporters Krist Boo and Tay Hong Yi welcome PR manager Ng Lay Peng and workplace strategy consultant Hardeep Matharu.

Ms. Ng is a self-proclaimed job seeker who has held 10 jobs over the past 10 years, and Mr. Hardeep is her boss. They are also joined by Ms Lim Zi Hui, a manager at recruitment firm Michael Page, who offers advice to executives with “unstable” CVs, like Ms Ng.

Highlights (click/tap above):

01:58 Is the job hopping trend here to stay?

03:03 Is it possible to develop culture and loyalty among this group of transient workers?

07:25 The “lifers” who never stop being wronged by the bosses?

12:45 How should a job seeker go about getting that interview and then that job?

19:10 Does it pay to move or stay?

Produced by: Krist Boo ([email protected]), Tay Hong Yi ([email protected]), Teo Tong Kai and Paxton Pang

Edited by: Teo Tong Kai

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