WorkReels Announces Partner Program to Help Staffing Agencies Fill Job Vacancies Faster

Hcareers Joins the Program as an Exclusive Partner for Hospitality Brands and Aims to Dramatically Increase Talent Recruitment for the Hospitality Industry

RICHMOND, Va., September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WorkReels, the world’s first video storytelling platform purpose-built for recruiting and employer branding teams, today announced that it is expanding its partner program to help recruiting agencies and talent acquisition teams better attract the best talent and fill vacancies more quickly. The announcement was made today at the 2022 HR Technology Conference in Vegas.

The WorkReels storytelling platform enables talent acquisition professionals, employer branding teams and recruitment service providers to easily create and share high-quality, affordable social media videos for recruitment for approximately 1/20 of the video production price. Making a WorkReels video costs about the same as posting a single job posting.

According Douglas TuttCEO of Hcareers, “The hospitality industry is exploding post-Covid, but a severe shortage of employees is preventing brands from fully recovering. our opportunity clients stand out from their competition. Much more than just employee testimonials, WorkReels provides comprehensive videos that allow us to showcase the character of an employer’s brand. These videos help us attract more candidates. more and better qualified candidates, improving the candidate experience and simply filling roles faster.”

WorkReels provides pre-built storyboards that eliminate the need for creative expertise or prior filming experience. Users can simply select the storyboard that suits their needs and start recording. The app provides all the instructions needed to collect footage to create a compelling video. WorkReels’ professional editors then provide clients with videos optimized for job postings, social media, career pages, or anywhere a company’s likely job seekers frequent.

“WorkReels is changing the recruiting world by reaching job seekers where they spend the most time – on social media. Video content completely transforms the recruiting process, and if you’re not producing video content to promote your vacancies, they just aren’t getting filled in today’s ultra-competitive job market,” said rick jones, CEO and Founder of WorkReels. “WorkReels customers have seen application rates increase by 40%, making recruiting faster, easier and less expensive.”

WorkReels is an ideal solution for recruitment agencies and talent acquisition teams because video makes job postings stand out. Job seekers are eight times more likely to see a job posting with a WorkReels video than a standard text job posting. WorkReels partners strengthen client relationships and generate additional revenue streams by offering enhanced recruiting solutions that support video.

Visit us at booth number 514K at the 2022 HR Technology Conference in Vegas to learn more about our video storytelling platform and partner program. Detailed prices are available at

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WorkReels enables businesses to create high-quality, affordable social media videos for talent acquisition. Your employees are your best storytellers. WorkReels combine their authentic voices and smartphone cameras to create powerful video stories that bring your company culture to life. Recruit candidates where they spend the most time: on social networks. Your business is more than a job posting – share who you are with WorkReels!



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