Yannick Ngakoue launches the recruitment on Twitter of Calais Campbell

The Baltimore Ravens have a number of talented players who are expected to enter free agency in just a few weeks. One of them is defensive lineman Calais Campbell, who has been a key part of Baltimore’s defense since joining the organization two years ago.

On Saturday, former Baltimore Raven and current Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Yannick Ngakoue began recruiting his old friend in Campbell on Twitter, tagging him in the tweet and saying he thinks the veteran should join him from ” dark side,” putting an eyes emoji at the end of his post.

Ngakoue and Campbell return to their days in Jacksonville, where the duo were a force to be reckoned with. Campbell was traded to Baltimore in March 2020, and Ngakoue was traded to the Minnesota Vikings in the same offseason. However, in October 2020, the Vikings traded Ngakoue to the Ravens, where he and Campbell were able to team up again.

The adjustment for Ngakoue in Baltimore didn’t quite work out, and he left for the Raiders in free agency a few months later after a disappointing stint with the Ravens. Now, he wants his former running mate to join him for the third time in their respective careers, this time on the West Coast.

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